Our offer

Our company supplies 3D products and provides said technology-related services. Taking into account the specificity of our customers, we have prepared a comprehensive offer for two major branches of industry: Medicine, as well as Engineering and Art. You can learn more about each of them by choosing a proper section below.

As TriPioDi in our work we use process called
"From model to model"

Our Goal

Our major goal as an organization is to achieve excellence at the every stage of the process we call „FROM MODEL TO MODEL”. The proper realization of all the stages of the project makes it possible to create a graphic or a physical object that is fully compliant with the requirements of a customer specified at the beginning of the process.

Our Mission

Our mission is remarkably simple. We aim at the popularization of 3D scanning technology and spatial printing. We are determined to showcase the possibilities that the 3D technology brings to our customers, especially if they decide to take advantage of 3D scanners and printers to fulfill their everyday business needs.

Case studies


Engineering and art