3D dental scanners

3D Dental scanner is a highly professional device that may be of substantial help for stomatologists, orthodontists, as well as dental technology offices. Basing on a provided physical model, the scanner creates a digital model. The outcome of the operation of the device is a set of points which is a three-dimensional, digital representation of the scanned item (for example, a gypsum model set of dentures). By utilizing the software managing the scanner, a professional can easily and quickly perform a full scan of patient’s teeth. At the next stage, the scanned model may be processed by a professional application, thanks to which doctors can plan patient treatment, design bridges, crowns, veneers, as well as braces.

The design of the scanner can be open and closed in character. The majority of scanner producers have been utilizing a source of blue light in their devices. Thanks to the said fact, the scanning process is not likely to be interfered with by external light sources. The implemented technology allows for designing an open scanner that can operate efficiently regardless of lighting source used. The aforementioned device quickly and precisely scans diagnostic models and dental impressions. A highly precise projector emits short-wave blue light and the implemented camera performs a series of scans in various directions and at different angles. The layout of the 3D dental scanner makes it possible to achieve a remarkably high scanning precision and accuracy up to 7 microns.

Scanners offered by our company allow for saving scanning outcomes by means of using a common and open data format. STL files generated in the course of scanning can be afterwards processed and customized in professional applications, such as Dental CAD, ExoCAD, and Ortho Studio. Due to their highly specific purpose, 3D dental scanners can perform a comprehensive scan of a chosen part of the jaw within several seconds, making all the further dental undertakings much more efficient in nature.

When it comes to dental scanners, we offer our clients a wide range of services adjusted to the highly specific needs of the stomatology, especially with regard to storing stomatology documentation in a digital form.


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